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Nylah was diagnosed with acute leukemia on February 1, 2023. She quickly started chemo which she struggled with as she didn't feel well or like her normal self. Additionally, she lost significant strength in her legs causing her to lose most of her ability to walk. 

After steroid treatments, she regained her strength but then faced losing her hair. She sadly was not in remission yet, so her treatment continued with stronger chemo. Nylah was hospitalized with liver problems and then again when she got the flu. 

Unfortunately,  Nylah still wasn't in remission, so she endured two rounds of 28-day infusions consisting of medicine being constantly delivered through her port. The first round was hard as the needle would frequently get pulled out or messed up. To finish out the round, Nylah spent the last two weeks in the hospital. Thankfully, the second round went by quickly and smoothly. 

On August 24th, Nylah and her family got the news that she is now in remission! Our next step is to begin chemo to keep the cancer cells away. Nylah will be staying in the hospital for a few days every other week to get some of the first doses. After four stays, she will go to outpatient care once a week and will continue to decrease visits from there.

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